May 22, 2022

TJ Clark

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How to Pack your Gym Equipment When Moving House?

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Having your own exercise equipment is a convenient way of losing weight without stepping out of your home.

However, when moving house, packing gym machines like a treadmill and exercise bike can make you nervous.  

They are heavy, expensive, oddly-shaped equipment that requires safe handling and extra care. 

You can hire the best removalists in the Gold Coast to help you in packing and moving small to heavy fitness equipment hassle-free.

Some other tips to safely pack any type of your workout gear are:

1.Clean & sanitize

Before you start packing, clean and sanitize everything from a yoga mat to a treadmill and dumbbells to avoid nasty germs entering your new home.

Some cleaning tips to follow are:

  • Use a paper napkin and all-natural cleaner to wipe down your yoga mats and accessories
  • Clean the handrails, pedals, and other surfaces of your treadmill, elliptical machine, and all workout gear with disinfectant wipes
  • Wash the gym towels in a hot water
  • Wipe down the dumbbells and other weights 

2. Disassemble 

Fitness machines are too big and oddly shaped to fit into boxes. Moreover, sensitive parts like pedals and handles can get broken.

The best solution is to disassemble every piece of equipment before packing.

For instance, remove the safety key and unplug all the wires and chords of treadmills.

For an elliptical machine, 

  • disconnect the plug
  • unscrew pedals, handlebars, base, and main console
  • keep all bolts in a plastic bag

Make sure to click a photo of the machine before disassembling it to help yourself assemble everything back together again at the new place.

Consult your removalists in Perth for disassembling the gym machines without any confusion. The experts follow all the necessary precautions to keep your items intact and safe.

3.Gather packing supplies

Packing supplies offer extra protection to your stuff and prevents them from any wear and tear.

To ensure the gym equipment remain intact and unbroken throughout the process, get adequate packing supplies like:

  • Moving boxes
  • Newspaper
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Plastic bags

If you are hiring top movers and packers in Sydney, you need not waste time gathering packing materials. The experts have everything from small to large packing supplies and tools for a home gym. 

4. Smart packing

Like other household items, you must also pack your gym equipment carefully else they may get damaged in the hustle and bustle of moving.

Some of the packing tips to follow are:

  • Pack yoga mats and accessories like blocks, towels, and blankets in large moving boxes
  • Pack small equipment like weights in strong and sturdy boxes
  • Fill the empty space in the box with newspaper or packing peanuts

  • Pack all wires, screws, bolts, and chords in a sealable and clear plastic bag
  • Wrap the weights in bubble wrap
  • Wrap moving blankets around the machine like a treadmill to protect it from dents and scratches
  • Use packing tape to fasten down any loose or moving parts
  • Seal the boxes and wrapping firmly
  • Label every box

Packing gym gear is taxing.  Hire a professional moving company to help you with packing and moving your stuff carefully and efficiently. Visit and request a quote.

Bonus tips

  • Decide what to keep, toss or donate
  • Don’t pack anything that is broken or is not in working condition
  • Get your faulty equipment repaired in advance 
  • Use a moving dolly or slider to haul your machines
  • Secure the handlebars and pedals with rope or packing tape 

In the end…

Whether it’s a yoga mat or a treadmill, packing your gym equipment isn’t child play. 

Moreover, hauling and loading heavy gym equipment requires adequate knowledge and the right technique.

To enjoy a stress-free packing experience, follow the above tips.

Even better, consult a reliable moving company that has expertise in making your relocation as smooth as possible. Visit this website to seek help.