May 22, 2022

TJ Clark

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Dicalcium Phosphate in the Food Industry

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Dicalcium Phosphate is a white, tasteless, micro crystalline powder that is frequently used in foods and beverages as a buffering agent, a dough modifier, an emulsifier, a leavening agent, a nutritional supplement, or a stabilizer. Because calcium and phosphate are important and healthful chemicals, many manufacturers add dicalcium phosphate to their list of ingredients for an impressive punch in their foods and beverages.

With all these uses, the nutritional ingredient suppliers find dicalcium phosphate as an important ingredient to stock for its customers. The human body requires calcium and phosphorous to function properly. These chemicals play many roles in the body, including the synthesis of DNA and the building and maintenance of bones. For this reason, many food manufacturers use dicalcium phosphate as an additive to meet the public’s dietary needs. To buy this healthful chemical, you can search for dicalcium phosphate for sale on

Both calcium and phosphate are charged ions. This means dicalcium phosphate acts as a buffer in foods containing excess acid or base. Dicalcium phosphate improves the texture of many baked foods and noodles.

Dicalcium phosphate sufficiently removes water from foods, keeping items fresher longer. By extending the shelf life of foods containing dicalcium phosphate, companies can save money.

As a leavening agent, dicalcium phosphate causes bread and bakery products to rise to a fluffier, more porous texture. When added to solutes, dicalcium phosphate emulsifies and stabilizes the solvents, giving a similar amount of flavor and texture to every bite.